Musings of a Transracial Adoptee


Musings Of A Transracial Adoptee

Thoughts and (mostly) rants of a black transracial adoptee


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Who Is 'OnlyBlackGirl'?

OnlyBlackGirl started as a personal venting platform for me to process and express my frustrations not only with my experiences as an adoptee but also how being an adoptee affected my life as a black woman in America, outside my home. 

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march 2017

I don't expect white parents to know everything about race or our experiences, but the point is you have to be willing to listen, learn and then put in the work to make changes. Simply ignoring us and brushing aside race like it doesn't exist, only goes to distance yourself from us, creating a tension within the family. You're not only a parent but also an ally, learn to be both.

"5 Things I Wish My White Parents Understood About Growing Up Black"/ Read Full Article



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