Meet The Blogger

 Photo Credit: @kamkam_fotos

Photo Credit: @kamkam_fotos

A Little About Me...

I am a transracial adoptee blogger and advocate known online by OnlyBlackGirl. In 2015, at the age of 24, I started my blog on Tumblr to share my experiences of being the only black person growing up in a white family and environment. To my great surprise, I gained over 20,000 followers within the first six months.

OnlyBlackGirl started as a personal venting platform for me to process and express my frustrations not only with my experiences as an adoptee but also how being an adoptee affected my life as a black woman in America, outside my home. In many ways, it still is a venting tool, but it has transformed into an educational platform for adoptive families to learn and understand what adoptees are dealing with and a safe place for adoptees to know their not alone in their struggles.

Since my website launch in 2017, OnlyBlackGirl has readily gained a readership of adoptees, adoptive families/friends, as well as people with no relation to adoption but are just interested in hearing another perspective that is often forgotten. My work has been lead to collaborations/features with PACT: An Adoption Alliance, Adoptive Families Magazine, Arches Magazine and more.