WHo Am I

My name is Rebekah Hutson.
I'm a transracial adoptee born in Houston, raised in Olympia, educated in Boston,  and currently running the streets of Los Angeles. I am a content creator/writer/eventual entrepreneur. I focus my work around the transracial adoptee experience. That manifests itself in many ways including writing, videos and in person workshops. I work to bring the TRA experience to the conversations of social justice. I also work to educator white adoptive parents on how to be better prepared on how to raised children of color. All this done via sarcasm, humor and probably lots of swearing. I'm here to start the conversation. Whether or not you listen and learn something from it, is up to you. 




My ADoption Story

You probably want to know my adoption story. For the detailed version, check out my YouTube video. For the quick summary, keep reading.

I was adopted as a newborn from Houston, TX. I was raised in Olympia, Washington with my mom, dad and 3 of their biological kids, Josh, Nathan & Jordan. For a long time, I was quite literally the only black girl. Not just in the family, but around the city too. Olympia is not exactly diverse. Not much later we moved to Rochester, WA, which is even whiter and way out in the country. I'm talking your closet neighbor is half mile away type of country. The type of country that you don't have drinkable water and sometime have to go haul water from the creek to water the animals. THAT kind of country. I should also throw in, that we were all home-schooled until high school.
Anyways, around the age of 6, we adopted another black child, my brother Jewell, and then another girl, M'aza about another 6-7 years after that. For those of you who can't math, that makes 6 kids. 3 black, 3 white. In my extended family however, there are 14 adopted kids, from Taiwan, Ethiopia and the states. We're quite literally the poster family for diversity and adoption. If anyone wants to hire us, contact me, LOL...but seriously.. 

But even though we were of no shortage of diversity, we still had a very white centered family. We still didn't really get to experience life as POCs. Essentially we were "raised white".  Hence why I now as an adult talk about these issues so others can avoid the mistakes that our family made, and aspire to do better.