Meet The Blogger


What is your Name?
Rebekah Hutson.

Where are you from?
Olympia, WA (state not DC).
Currently live in Los Angeles, CA.

What’s with the ‘onlyblackgirl’ name?
I originally started my blog as a place to just vent about my adoption experience. I grew up in a white family and town where was I was literally THE only black girl in everything'; school, church, sports, really what felt like the whole town.

When did you start your blog and why?
I started blogging in 2014 on tumblr. Just posting about adoption and being black in america. I did not think anyone would care or read my stuff, I was really just posting for myself. Surprisingly to me, I ended up gaining over 20k followers in my first year. I still don’t know why anyone reads my stuff, but here we are. I started this website in 2016 in an attempt to reach a wider audience that could hopefully benefit adoptive families and other adoptees.

Why don’t you use proper grammar?
Short answer is because this ain’t an AP english paper. It’s my blog, and I write how I speak. Long gone is the time of people of color needing to adhere to white language standards and I’m not about to change just because white people are uncomfortable with how brown people speak. Also, FYI, AAVE (African American Vernacular English) is recognized as an official and legitimate dialect, so you can suck it. It’s no different than british english being a different dialect of english, neither is “correct” it’s just different. Y’all just don’t accept ours because it ain’t white.

What’s your adoption story?
Well to make a long story as short as possible. My birth family is from (and still lives) in Houston, TX. I was adopted at birth, my mom and aunt flew down to bring me home, three days after I was born.

At the time I was adopted, my parents had 3 biological children, all boys. I was the first adopted, and the only girl. Later when I was about 7, we adopted another child, black and from Oregon. Another 7(ish) years after that, we adopted one more, a girl from Ethiopia. If you can’t math, that makes a total of 6 kids in my family; 3 adopted.

This isn’t even everybody.

However, my family is no stranger to adoption. My maternal grandmother (RIP) fostered kids and started a non profit organization called Ibsen Adoption Network, that raises money to help families adopt special needs children. Grandma, always had a passion for helping children and I don’t know how it happened really, but adoption has always been somewhat of a norm in my family. So much so that we actually have 18 adopted people in our extended family. 14 on my mother’s side and 4 on my fathers.
We all come from the states, Taiwan, Haiti and Ethiopia.

That’s the jist of my adoption story.

What are you dream projects or goals?
I have so many things I would love to do. I am working on a book about my transracial adoption experience. One day I’ll finish it and hopefully have it published.

I would love to work with adoption agencies to create better resources and training programs for transracially adoptive parents and also support systems for adoptees. Most the resources that exist are for parents, which is cool, but no shade, y’all ain’t really the people who need all the support. Adoptees tend to be the ones who get left behind even though these are our stories.