Ben & Jerry's Is The Real MVP

Recently beloved ice cream company, Ben & Jerry's took to the internet-webs to express their support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 

This tweet was accompanied by a statement on their website, that basically explained why your all lives matter retort is trash, why all lives can't matter till black lives matter, systematic racism is trash and they call for you (white people) to join them in not being complicit. 

Of course racist white twitter was upset but who cares? Black twitter on the other hand decided to do what black twitter does and start a hastag #BenAndJerrysNewFlavor which included tweets such as the following:


But on a serious note, I really do want to give a nod to Benny & Jay not just for coming out and supporting BLM but taking the weight off black shoulders by being a real white ally and educating their fellow privileged white folks. Anyone can tweet out BLM and to be honestly some y'all don't even mean it, especially these companies. Ben & Jerry's went the extra step to create a whole page on their website and really break down systematic racism and why BLM is important. Things that black people have been shouting for years only to fall on deaf white ears. White allies's number one focus, to me anyways, should be on educating their fellow white people so we don't have to keep shouting the same thing over and over again. Black people have to spend so much time going 12 steps backwards to hold white people's hands and catch them up on this basic info and it takes away from us actually figuring out how to move forward. So I like allies who take the initiative to be that person to run back and help their own people get their shit together because frankly, they don't listen to us and I'm tired of trying to explain. 

So shout out to Ben & Jerry's for being the real MVPs. I was already eating y'alls stuff but I will be buying extra and eating it with extra enthusiasm now that I know it pisses off racists. I hope more companies and individuals follow suit and step up to be actual allies.