You Can Say/Do Something Racist Without Being Racist


I always see this trend of people (mainly white people), jumping to the defensive when they are called out on their racist actions or words. This always seems to be triggered by people in these dominate being so appalled at the possibility of being labeled as a racist, homophobic ,transphobic or anything else. That’s cute and all, but your fear of being labeled something negative or shameful does not excuse your words and actions. You do not have to BE a racist to say or do something racist.

I saw this a lot with Justin Bieber shit, when all them videos of him came out saying nigga and singing about niggas getting hung and all that bullshit. White people FLOCKED to defend his ass, making alllllll kinds of excuses for him rather than making him own up to his words. I don’t care what his intent was, i don’t care if he was young or any other excuses y’all pulled out your ass. He said what he said, words mean things, he gotta own up to it. Do I think that Juicebox Flieber is inherently racist and hates black people? No, but I do know that he said racist shit and he needs to own up to the words he let out of his mouth.

Still see this with people like Azalea Banks, The Kardashians, J.Cole, Nicki Minaj, Childish Gamino and others. They will do or say something offensive and people with make endless excuses for it. You can still like someone and/or their craft and still hold them accountable for their actions.Azalea been homophobic, transphobic, fat shamed and everything in between yet people still defend her actions. Kardashians been doing racist shit since the beginning of time, still get defended. J. Cole still aint apologized for sayin faggot about 1200 times on “Villuminati”, and y’all stans refuse to hold him accountable. Gambino has done so much fucked up shit I can’t even keep track. Nicki fucked up with that appropriation a while back and her Only video but at least she apologized and owned up to it. The list of celebrities can go on all day.
Who is paying y’all to defend these celebrities so hard? If it was any regular person y’all would let that shit slide. Why is it so hard for y’all to hold your fav accountable for their actions? Stop making excuses.

If you need a good example of how to own up to your shit as someone in a dominate group, see Jonah Hill. For those of you not aware of this story. Jonah Hill was being harassed by paparazzi and at some point, while being followed and paparazzi verbally attacking him and his family personally, he yelled “Suck my dick, faggot” to the paparazzi. Obviously he was dragged all over the media, especially since in the past has been outspoken about supposedly being supportive of the LGBTQ community. But instead of trying to back pedal and make excuses he fully owned up and took responsibly for his actions.

While i’m not going to give him cookies for being a decent person, it is a good example of how to own up to your mistakes. He acknowledges that no matter what his personal intent was in saying the word, it doesn’t matter because that word has a history and it hurts people regardless of intent. He didn’t beg for forgiveness, in fact he said quite clearly that he deserves any bashing that comes to him as a result because HE fucked up and he understand how he let the gay community down and they have every right to shun him.

If you are still unsure on how to deal with being called out on your shit, also see this video by chescaleigh

So suck it up and own up to your mistakes. We all fuck up, we all say something out of line whether on purpose or unintentionally. Your fear of being labelled something shameful should stop you from letting shit slip out your mouth and if it doesn’t then, well, guess what, you might get labelled something you don’t want to be, based on what you show people of yourself.

If you show me that you say or do racist shit, i’m going to assume you are racist and not fuck with you. You could very well not be, but you haven’t shown me otherwise and sure haven’t shown that you are willing to change or own up to your mistakes. That doesn’t mean you are inherently racist, homophobic or whatever else, but it does mean that you are responsible for the things that YOU do, and the things that come out of YOUR mouth. And until you do own up to your actions, you are just going to have to deal with being “labelled”