Tingleberry Lonhorn Is Still Trash

I told myself I wasn't going to post or talk about Tickle Lickticker, because why would you? Honestly, never cared about her, still don't. Still don't know who she is or what she does other than say stupid shit for attention on whatever Facebook live show she works at. However, have been seeing this sudden shift in the narrative surrounding how terrible of a person she is simply because she said she's pro choice. Every white feminist is out here shouting about how we need to rally behind her, because "injustice to one is injustice to all!" which is what I want to address. I don't actually want to talk about the Wench Who Shall Not Be Named, because she's irrelevant.

Long story short Traphouse LimpBizkit was on The View, (which still airs for whatever unknown reason) and she said she is pro choice because she is for limited government.

“I am someone that’s for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say, ‘I’m for limited government, but I think the government should decide what women should do with their bodies.”

After her comment, she was banned from Fireblaze or whatever bootleg show she works for, and that sent the internet into celebration mode. I, personally, took a celebratory shot and hit a swift dab once or twice. 

But then the ban turned into a "permanent ban" which is just rich white speak for fired and oh, did the white feminists roar. For the past week, white feminists have been hollering about how this is not okay, and she shouldn't be fired for standing up for what she believes in. How she has said some terrible things, but this one thing is great so that is something that should be considered, "blah blah blah" white feminism nonsense. So here's the thing white feminists...Tripe Lorke still ain't shit. She never was shit and she will never be shit. Being pro-choice does not erase all the disgusting and hateful things she has said and stands for. A pile of shit with a cherry on top, is still a pile of shit. A serial killer could be pro-choice, does that mean we ignore the fact that they are a serial killer? 

This is the same woman who, first of all, is anti-feminist, so why y'all support her at all, is beyond me. Also the same woman said Black Lives Matter is the modern day KKK. As if the KKK isn't the modern day KKK and Black Lives Matter has ever murdered anyone, but that's beside  the point. You can go look up the rest of her track record of trashy statements, this post isn't about her. This is about classic white feminism. White feminism is always down with the cause until a white woman is on the chopping block, and then it's "well fuck the brown people, we must protect the white women!". If you support Tomgatchi Lintpocket, you support racism, end of story. You can't be feminist, if you're not intersectional and supporting a racist is not intersectional. White feminists always find a way to make white women the priority, and that is why no one likes y'all. There are plenty of actual decent women, even white ones, who are pro-choice, so why are y'all so persistent on uplifting the one who is flaming hot garbage? Not to mention Trashbin will be just fine. She is a straight, white, skinny, blonde girl who will say whatever you put in front of her. She will be employed by far bigger networks within 2 weeks. What exactly am I supposed to be feeling sorry for? I do a 2-step any time a racist gets fired. 

And the people saying "I don't support you on other views, but I support you on women's rights" are just as bad as the rest. You can't support half or a part of someone, without supporting everything they do. Your money and support doesn't just go to the "pro choice side" of Tintjuice, it goes to her full white self.

So white feminists, stop the bullshit. You're not fooling anyone, that woman is still a terrible person and does not deserve any type of support, especially from people of color. No one needs to waste any energy conjuring up sympathy that a racist girl lost her job. Rallying behind any white woman who is fired, is not feminism.

Hang up your fake activism and go home.