Black Women Share Experiences With Casual Racism With #BlackWomenAtWork

Earlier this week the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork started trending on twitter after Bill O'doucheface made a disgusting comment about our aunty, Maxine Waters while she was reading the circus peanut's presidency to filth. 

In response to this, twitter user Brittany Packnett, started the hastag #BlackWomenAtWork

Black women all over twitter (myself included) used the hashtag to discuss the mistreatment and casual racism we face everyday in the workplace. 

Even some well known women jumped in to show that the continued hatred of black women doesn't stop the higher up you get in your career and tax bracket.  

And to close it out, Maxine Waters joined in to let us know that these racist white men will never hold her back. 

I typically don't join in on treading topics, but this one was so important to talk about. Black women face so much bullshit daily in the work place and it's unacceptable. As with most pocs, racism is so normalized, we have been conditioned to just "let it go" and accept the mistreatment.

It was really sad to me how relatable black women around the world and across social classes found these experiences. It shouldn't be normal. We shouldn't be told to get over it, and we shouldn't be told we have an attitude when we address it. These experiences are so disgusting absurd, white people always try and tell us we're lying because "no adult acts like this". I hate to break it to you, adults can be pieces of shit too, you and ya mama included.

I can't tell you how many times, I have experienced things like, being asked to an interview and then after seeing me, all the sudden the position isn't available. Being talked over by white men AND women (y'all ain't innocent). Being told I couldn't get a position unless I straighten my hair to look "professional". Told when I speak up I have an "attitude".

It's tiring and we're sick of it. Black women have to work twice as hard to get half as much. And yes, as one white women tried to tell me, women of all colors deal with injustices, but we ain't talking about y'all right now. If we want to get into the real truth of the matter, white women, are still treated better, get paid more and benefit more than any other race, from Affirmative Action. So calm down and create your own hashtag to speak out your experiences. 

Anyways, I encourage you to go read some more of the #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag and think about how you, consciously or not, may be contributing to these experiences of black women. Also to think about how you can act as an ally for black women in the workplace.