Now that Shea Moisture Has Officially Been Exiled, Check Out These Brands Instead

***This is not a sponsored post, simply some of favorite brands**

So after SM's giant "fuck you" ad to black women last week. It's pretty safe to say that most of the natural hair community has completely put SM in a permanent time out. I never really was a huge SM fan to begin with, I only fucked with their Jamaican Castor Oil line, but they fucked that up when they started changing the formula after selling half the company to a marketing corporation a few years ago...but I don't have time to get into all the fuckary SM has been doing lately. If you wanna know my thoughts on that, you can watch the video I did.

Anyways, forget about SM. It's time for some new better products. Now last year, I decided to start my hair routine over from scratch. I realized that I was kinda just going through the motions of what people had told me was good to do, but I wasn't actually doing anything for ME. So I decided to start over. Build my routine from scratch, start actually trying different products to see what worked for me and not just what was popular. Two of the biggest changes I made was stopped using coconut oil and switched to Grapeseed oil and limiting my use of combs. My hair has been flourishing ever since.

So that being said, I've been testing out different products and want to share some of the ones I have found to love so far. 


I heard about Oyin from another blogger and I decided to check it out. I bought the sample pack (which i highly recommend doing for all new products btw) just to see if I liked anything. Now some of the stuff I didn't care for, like the juices only because it's just water with berries and other things in it. It smells amazing but I can make it at home, so i didn't really care for it. However I really loved their Burnt Sugar Pomade. I used it as a sealant for twist outs and LOC method. I smells sooooo good too. I wanted to eat it, but refrained. My hair also feels super soft and it kept the moisture in well. I also enjoyed the Shine & Define cream. I used it as a daily cream because it is super light and not heavier and thick like most leave in conditioners. I will be trying more of their products. 


I have been wanting to try TGIN for a long time. I have heard great things about them, my only hold up was the price point. It's a little on the high side for me They range from $14-20. I am not out here ballin and anything over $8 is expensive to me. However, I found myself with a Target gift card and decided to try their shampoo and the Honey Miracle Hair Mask (deep conditioner). Loved them both. Deep Conditioner is very important for my hair because it is so thick and tends to dry out quickly. So I have been looking for a DC that really moisturized and gets nutrients to my hair. For awhile I was making me own, because I couldn't find anything that was really working, but this might be a solution. I have used it twice now (i just bought it) and each time my hair has been loving it. The shampoo I also loved. I switched to sulfate-free shampoos and my hair has been loving it. I was previously using SM's 10 in 1 shampoo, but now that they are cancelled I was looking for something else. Now I don't use shampoo that often, but when I do I need to get the job done and this was did it for me. I didn't strip my hair like most shampoos do which sold me immediately. 

Other Favorites

And then there are just some of my day one favorites. I know some of these aren't black owned, but they have still be great products for me. I love Hair Mayonnaise by ORS. LOVE IT. I have been using it since I was little and not only is it a great, my favorite deep conditioner but it's also like $5 in any store. Cheap and it works. I love love love it. I love As I Am's Co-Wash. I said before I don't shampoo much but every other week. So I use co-wash method in between and this co-wash has been a long time favorite. Carol's Daughter is another one that I have been playing around with. Some of their stuff is great and others are meh. I particularly like the moisturizing sprays. I use them in addition to my aloe+water spritz in the morings and it has been working well. 

So those are some of the brands I have been playing around with and some I love. I am still cycling through new products and brands to find what really works. But one of the things I changed last year was cutting back on the amount of products I used. After lost of research I realized that we neglect a lot of basic care because we get so caught in products. So my hair routine is pretty simple these days, water, oil and DC/Shampoo every 1-2 weeks in addition to moisturizing when needed. So forget SM and go check out some of these other awesome brands who are actually making products for brown people.