What's All This Juneteenth Talk About Anyways?

Happy Juneteenth everyone! For those unaware of this tradition, Juneteenth is an annual celebration that takes place every 19th of June. It's also commonly known as the Second or Black Independence Day, as it celebrates the abolishment of slavery in the state of Texas on June 19, 1865...two years AFTER the emancipation proclamation took effect in 1863. White people conveniently "forgot" to tell Texas slavery was no longer a thing, so those slaves were not legally freed until two years later. There's no real reason the information took two years to reach Texas. Some historians believe the messenger was murdered on his way, in which case just send another. But most believe the information was deliberately withheld, which sounds about white.

This is in many ways African-American's July 4th ya know, because we were still enslaved for that holiday that y'all celebrate but—

giphy (1).gif

Side note: Can we also mention how Mississippi didn't legally abolish slavery until 2013? I'm not making this up y'all. The state of Mississippi had never submitted the required documentation to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment until February of 2013, meaning it never officially abolished slavery. How on earth no one noticed Mississipi just "forgot" to send over slavery papers and why they just now decided to do so, is beyond me, but yeah... that's a thing that happened. 

Juneteenth celebrations typically are some form of community gathering similar to what you'd see on July 4th, just with black folks. Lots of cookouts, community events, parades, or festivals, raiding bars and demanding your shots are 50% off because—reparations. Just whatever you feel like doing to celebrate what freedom you have as a black person in America.

What about you? Do you celebrate Juneteenth? If so, what kinds of things do you do? 


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