Dear White Allies, Where the F*ck Are You?

From Trayvon to Mike Brown, to Ferguson, to Charlottesville, we have been in a constant state of war against white supremacy for the past few years now. Organizations like Black Lives Matter have been created and public leaders have step forward. Black people are rising to fight for our lives and rights like we have had to do many times before, and will no doubt, do many times again. But where are the white people?

Where are the white allies? Where are the white allies who type all fast on Facebook and Twitter? Where are the white allies who write think pieces about how racism and oppression are terrible? The white folks who call out other white folks? Where are the all white people while we are at war?

I ask this because it seems to be the case that white allies are only looking to be allies when it’s safe and convenient for them. Not because it’s the right and humane thing to do. Following the Neo-Nazi terrorist attack in Charlottesville, white people have seem to have disappeared. The ones that do come out, come out to preach love and peace or to try and other themselves from "those" white people. I've seen at least 5 white people who went out the protests to take picture and then leave. Whtie people started the #ThisIsNotUs hashtag in response to white supremacists beating and murdering people. Ya know, just in case you needed a reminder that "not all white people are racist".

As white people, the people who have all of the power, yes that includes you too white women—you should be doing the most work. This is a system that you all built. A system that you benefit from, yet you seem to be the ones putting out the least effort to fix the problem. Coincidence? I think not. Are you dragging your feet, because deep down you don’t really want to be equal to us pesky brown folks? What is the problem? Why do you spend so much time and energy othering yourselves from “those” white people rather fixing the problem?

Furthermore, how come you can talk your talk online, but not show up physically? Is it because calling yourself an ally and posting vague tweets about equality will get you speaking gigs, books, and cute glamour shot? I have yet to see white people actually out on the front lines of a protest, willing to put their bodies and lives on the line for the black people they claim to want to protect.  Where are you? Is your activism only limited to online? Your allyship isn't valid if you're not actually showing up where you're needed. Allyship also isn't a title you get to give yourself. 

Don't stand around whining about “Well what do I do? EDUCATE MEEEEE” and making hashtags like #ThisIsNotUs when you literally just need to walk outside or pick up the phone. I personally, have written on ways you can help. I know hundreds of other black and non black folks have as well. I see articles daily on my feed showing white people how they can help, yet you continue to turn a blind eye and pretend like you can’t do anything. While online activism is cute and helpful to some degree, you—the ones with the platforms and power, do not get a pass to just be online. Show up for real. Get outside and into the community and help. Start showing up with your bodies and minds, not just your thumbs.  

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*Love, peace, & chicken grease*

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