Eminem Dragging Trump Is The Epitome Of White Privilege

Eminem Dragging Trump Is The Epitome Of White Privilege

Last night was the BET Hip Hop Awards. No one actually watches these awards except to see the iconic cyphers. For those white folks who don't know what this means— a cypher is basically  the hip hop version of a jam band. It's when a group of rappers, beatboxers, break-dancers or a combination of all three get together and freestyle together. In this case, rappers collect their crews and they all rap together. Among last night's many good cyphers, was the return of Eminem. Whom I honestly didn't know still existed in 2017. In his freestyle, he dragged Donald Trump to the 313, down to hell and back. 

So this cypher comes out and all the sudden, there is mass praise for hip-hop and Eminem for saving rap and using hip-hop to speak out against Trump. I woke this morning to news alerts from every major publication on the planet talking about this. Meanwhile, my black ass is sitting over here wondering why there wasn't the amount of media attention and praise covering the countless black people and other people of color have been speaking out against Trump. We know the answer why tho, whiteness.


Now let me just say, I actually don't have a problem with Eminem himself. As a grown adult woman, I don't really care for his music as it's extremely violent and abuse towards pretty much everyone who isn't a straight man, but he is a very talented rapper and I do think he is one of the only white rappers I can think of who entered hip-hop culture in a respectable, non-appropriative way. I won't pretend like don't know every word to "Lose Yourself" or "Slim Shady". I grew up in his era, I know his music. So I let him cook. I ain't buying none of his music, but I ain't mad at him for being here. And I also don't have a problem with his "diss" at Trump. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm on board with anyone who isn't here for Trump.

What I AM tired of, however, is everytime a white rapper comes out and does the same shit black people have been doing for literal ever, all the sudden they are hailed a revolutionary and oh my god, changed the game. Trump is SHOOK. 

Like YG didn't have a hit song called "Fuck Donald Trump" Part I AND II before he even won the election. 

Where was all this support when Anderson .Paak talked about how much of a shit bag Trump was in "Come Down"? 
"I fantasize shooting Trump down/ A shot for every black man who got gunned down/ By the police with no convictions so they run 'round/ When we protest they tell us pipe down, for Trayvon and Mike Brown."

Or Common?
"Instead of 'nigga' they use the word 'criminal'/ Sweet land of liberty, incarcerated country/ Shot me with your ray-gun/ And now you want to trump me" - "Letter to the Free" (2016)

"9/11, a day that we never forgettin’/ 11/9, a day that we always regrettin’/If my President is Trump then it’s relevant enough/ To talk ’bout it on TV and not give a fuck/ I’m black and I’m proud/My skin is brown and I’m loud"

"You can never make America great again/ All you ever did was make this country hate again" - "Caroline" (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon version) (2016)

Kendrick Lamar...
"Donald Trump is a chump/ Know how we feel, punk? Tell 'em that God comin'/ And Russia need a replay button, y'all up to somethin'/ Electorial votes look like memorial votes/ But America's truth ain't ignorin' the votes" - "The Heart Pt. 4" (2017)

A Tribe Called Quest, Rick Ross, Wale, A$AP Ferg, Joey Bada$$ and so many others. All of these people and the vast majority of brown people on this planet have been very vocal about hating Trump yet we get fired for it or told to respect the president. Meanwhile, Eminem gets all the praise and credit for "doing something". Maaaaan fuck outta here with that bullshit. This is peak whiteness, and I'm not here for it. Why can't it ever just be a simple "Hey that's was cool" and move on? Why is it always some over the top extra bullshit about being a savior and language like "unleashing" or "ruthless" when it's a white person speaking up but for black and brown people were just out of line and uneducated savages?

Like I said before, I don't have any particular issue with Eminem himself or his cypher, I'm addressing the narrative that continues to take place around white people in black spaces. They did this with Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, and even Miley Cyrus. Stop praising white people for doing basic shit, while simultaneously bashing black people for doing it first. Either stop praising it all together or start affording the same narrative to the black people who started the movement in the first place. 

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