So, Apparently, "Gotcha Days" Are A Thing

I had no idea about celebrating the day you were adopted, much less that y’all are calling them “Gotcha Day”. I kept seeing this term being used in adoption forums and pages and I couldn’t figure out what on earth people were referring to, so I headed on over to my good sis, google and low and behold, it’s a day that celebrates the anniversary of an adoptee joining the family.

I don’t really have a problem with celebrating that event, (although I don’t really see the point), but I would like to speak to whoever coined that term and all of you who are using it. Why? How do you say that out loud and see no problem with it? It sounds like you’re celebrating a successful kidnapping. What the hell? Gotcha? Are we Pokemon? Did you catch em all? Are we animals on the loose that you just caught?


I have to believe these are a thing that was dreamt up by adoptive parents (APs). A whole lot of APs have this weird sense of entitlement and saviourism when they adopt and what to celebrate themselves adopting. I remember maybe doing one celebration the year we were adopted, after that, we didn't do them. I mean really what is the point? I guess if the adoptee wants to, then fine, but I do believe most APs are doing it for themselves.

But that's beside the point. The point is whether you do this celebration or not, please find something else to call it. "Family day", "Adoption day", "Damn, That Was a Long Ass Road day". pretty much anything else would be better than "Gotcha day". Ew. Makes it even worse that this same term is used for adopting animals.

So we're basically in the same category as rescue dogs, cats, and 


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