It's October, Which Means National Cultural Appropriation Day Is Right Around The Corner

That's right folks, it's October—fall is officially here. Candy corn is back, pretending to be a legit candy. Pumpkin flavored everything is here even though we have an infinite amount of better tasting fall flavors. But best of all, everyone is gearing up for National Cultural Appropriation day, better known as Halloween. Every single year, there is some white person who feels the need to go in full blackface and if we're being honest, a whole lot of POCs swerve out of their lanes and leap headfirst into other cultures in the name of a "costume" as well. This is why I call Halloween, "National Cultural Appropriation" day. It's the one day of the year that everyone seems to think you just get a 24-hour pass to be racist and offensive. I'm here to tell you that that is incorrect. 

This month, I will be focusing on the content surrounding cultural appropriation—and not just for white people. I think we need to discuss more often how POCs can appropriate other POC cultures too. There seems to be a rising amount of brown folks who feel they can do whatever they want because we're oppressed too, and that just ain't how this works. To kick things off this month, I want to share this video I made last year, just to give you a refresher on why cultural appropriation is such a big deal.