Let's Talk About White People Weaponizing The Police

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I am getting really tired of opening up any internet tab and reading anywhere from one to four different stories about white people (primarily white women) calling the police on black people for committing the retched crime of existing. This is nothing new. The internet and social media have allowed for the mass distribution of video evidence and we're getting it all at once. I see a lot of white people shook and appalled saying this is getting worse, but it's not. This has been America. I remember this shit happening when I was little. Black people have been talking about this happening for centuries, y'all just had the luxary of ignoring us.  The only difference is you have to believe us now because we can live stream and post immediatly to the entire globe. 

Just to give you a small example of how often this has been happening, here is just a snippet of the stories I personally have seen just within the past couple of weeks.

  • BBQBecky - Called the police on black people having a BBQ in the park.
  • PermitPatty - Called the police on a little black girl for selling water on the sidewalk.
  • Coupon Carl - A white manager at CVS called the police on a black woman for using a coupon he thought was fake.
  • LawnMowerBetty - Called police TWICE on the same black boy. Once for accidentally mowing a small patch of their lawn, and again for having fun with a water slide during the fourth of July. 
  • SwimmingPool Sally - Called police on a black man for dipping his toes in the pool with socks on.
  • Pool Police Ken - Called police on a black woman for no reason other than he thought she didn't belong there.
  • AirBNBecky - called police on Airbnb guests checking out of the neighboring house, for not waving to her. 
  • GolfCartJoe - called police on four black club members for "golfing too slow". 
  • RealEstateKaren - Called police on black realtor for doing things realtors do.
  • T-MobileTim - Called police on two black men shopping for a new phone. 
  • NappingNancy - Called police on fellow Yale student for daring to take a nap.
  • ShootingSleevesSteve - Called police because he got fouled in a game of basketball. 

That is just a very small list, that doesn't even include some of the larger stories like the Starbucks incident.

White people, y'all are exhausting and the most miserable bitter people on the planet. If you're offended by that statement, it probably applies to you too.


Seriously, why do y'all hate black folks so much? What have we ever done to y'all? Throughout history white people are the ones who have caused the violence, pain and suffering of pretty much everyone on the planet, yet y'all act like we're the ones to be scared of?

There's a reason that white people ride so hard for the military and police force. Both were created for and by white people to enforce white power and white standards. White people call the police because they know, a) black people are scared of police and b), because they can kill black folks via the police and not get in trouble. They use the police as legal hitmen, and I'm not even being dramatic. You've seen the same amount of stories of police killing black people as you have about white people calling them police to "deal" with us. In fact in one of the stories mentioned above, Lawn Mower Betty—the woman literally said she doesn't want to deal with the black child because she's old, so she just calls the police to deal with it instead. White people call police in the hopes that they kill us, so we're no longer a "problem" and they can go back to eating their kale chips and gentrifying neighborhoods in white peace. 


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