No, You May Not Say The N-Word Just Because It's In Your Favorite Rap Song

No, You May Not Say The N-Word Just Because It's In Your Favorite Rap Song

For some reason many non-blacks seem to be under the impression that you may say the "n-word" if it is present in a rap song. Aside from the fact that that is simply incorrect, I also do not understand why you WANT to say it other than because you are a racist. This debate between non-blacks was sparked once again when at a recent Kendrick Lamar concert, he invited a fan on stage as he does at many of his shows, and the fan who was white decided to say, nigga, rather than just skipping it like a normal non-racist person. When the audience booed her and Kendrick (very nicely I might add) called her out, saying "Wait wait wait wait … You have to bleep one single word, though,” she responded with "what am I not cool enough for you?" 

Non-black people took to Twitter to let us know it was a "set up" and we shouldn't put the word in rap if we don't want white people to say it.

Side Note: notice I keep saying non-black, not white people because a whole lot of you non-black POCs seem to think this doesn't apply to you and it does.


Many more tweets and facebook comments echoing these sentiments emerged throughout the week.

So here's the thing non-blacks, the answer is just no. No, you may not say it regardless of what format or context the word is in and here are the reasons (that  I can't believe we have to explain in 2018) why.

First off, y'all are a guest in the house of hip-hop. Hip-hop and rap are black, from our culture, Y'all are simply here to watch and enjoy from a distance. Black rappers, rap lyrics that reflect our cultures and lives. YOU as a non-black person do not have a lived experience of a black person, thus zero ties to the word nigger, so why the hell would listening to rap give you a pass on saying the word? Y'all really think listening to rap makes you black. Y'all here on a guest pass and the non-black people who we invite to participate in hip-hop with us are the ones who create using their OWN experiences not trying to appropriate the black ones. 

Secondly, there is no reason to say the word except to be racist. There are black people who don't even like using the word because it's that hurtful, so why do you have such a desire to say the word? Because you're a racist, there really no other explanation. Yes, we can have it both ways, because the word applies to us, not you. 

Third, you can just like...skip the word. Every genre on the planet has slurs or fucked up lyrics in general and you know what normal non-racist people do? We just skip it and keep on going. It seems like a lot of y’all are having a hard time figuring out how you can keep on living your life without screaming “Nigga” while listening to whatever Lil Nyquill rapper. Do you know how many slurs are in rap songs? A lot and do you know what I do when I come across one? I just skip it, it's amazing I know.

For example, in "Get Right Witcha" by Migos, there is a lyric that goes "Ridin' in the coupe with the wings. Going to Thailand with them ch*nks" Do you know what I do when the line comes along? I shut my ass up and pick it back up at the next line because I'm not a racist shit head. I don't even feel comfortable saying that word out loud with no one around because why would I? So why do you feel so great about saying, nigga? Since y'all apparently do not possess the thinking capacity to find another word to say, I took the liberty of writing down some suggestions:

  • Your own slurs
    "Fuck who you know, where you from, my Honkey?"
  • Vegetables you hate
    "Fuck who you know, where you from, my broccoli?"
  • Your name
    "Fuck who you know, where you from, my Meghan?"
  • The name of another racist like yourself
    "Fuck who you know, where you from, my Donald Trump?"
  • That neighbor you hate
    "Fuck who you know, where you from, my Mr. Johnson?"
  • Your mother's name
    "Fuck who you know, where you from, my mama?"
  • Macklemore
    I get it.
  • can literally just skip it.
  • "Fuck who you know, where you from, my *silence*?"

Why does everyone else want to be anti-black and say anti-black slurs but let one black person use a slur against another group and all the sudden there's a problem? But another read for another day, the point is no you may not use the n-word because it's in your favorite song or in any other context. No, it's not fair but we don't care. If you would like to discuss a list of things that ain't fair between white and black people, I promise we are going to win. Some shit just ain't fair and you're not entitled to be an anti-black racist, so bye girl.

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