All Black People Are Not African-American

So here's the thing, I am SO tired of people using African-American and Black interchangeably, like they are the same thing. They're just at all. I would think the difference between race and ethnicity was such a basic concept, that we wouldn't need to have this conversation, but here we are. 

First point I want to make is that African-American, is an ethnicity, Black is a race. Race, is a term of classification for humans based on physical traits, ancestry, genetics or social relations. Ethnicity, is a group of people who identify with each other based on similarities, such as common ancestral, language, social, cultural or national experiences. There can be, and there are multiple ethnicities in every race. Think of ethnicity as like a sub-culture of race. Or like, race is bread and ethnicity is all the different types of bread.

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The point I'm trying to get across, is race is more of a generalization, but ethnicity is a sub-classification based on cultural similarities.

Second point I want to make is that African-American is NOT a term that is just used for all black people in America. The term African-American was made for and specifically applies to black people born in america who are decedents of African slaves brought over by the white fuckboys. Being black born in America doesn't not automatically make everyone African-American. Now whether those people choose to identify themselves as such, that's their own identity crisis to figure out, however, that is not what the term means. 

Third and final point, I will address on this topic, is that, there are black people, quite literally all over the world. So when you address everyone as "African-American" you're erasing a vast population of black people. Black Africans, from Africa are not the same as African-Americans, our cultures are greatly different, language, and experiences, are all different. We may share the same ancestral DNA but that doesn't not mean we are the same. That can be applied to black people everywhere. There are black Latinxs, there are West Indian black people, there are black people in Europe, black people in Asia, black people everywhere. We out here, and each and every cultural group is different and has different experiences in it's own way. Being black in Europe is not the same experience as being black in America. Same as being born in the West Indies and moving to America, ain't the same experience as being born in America and staying in America. Whatever combination you want to come up with, the fact remains that all black people are not African-American, and contrary to popular believe, we are not all the same. So next time you go to address the black community, make sure you are using your words correctly, if you're talking about actual African-Americans, use that term, if you're speaking a broader scale, use the term black people, or specifically refer to the exact group that you are talking about. It's like when y'all use "pocs" when you're really just talking about one specific group of non-whites. Black isn't a swear word, I don't know why y'all are so afraid to just say "black". Words mean things. Use them wisley.