How I Found My Biological Family & Tips For Your Search

Around this time (well, in November) 2 years ago, I started the search for my birth family. It was a tough decision to make, I put it off for years, not feeling that it was the right time, and partially afraid of the unknown. I decided to go about this alone, I didn’t want the involvement of my parents, and with only knowing the name of the agency and the first name of my birth mother, I began a several month long search. Having been through this process myself, I decided to share my experiences and provide some tips that may help others on theirs.

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Black History 365—History of a the "Coon" Caricature

I love reading and learning about history. Learning my history was one of the ways that I as a TRA was able to connect with my culture without being directly in or surrounded by it. Over the years I have developed a love for just looking up random bits of history which is when I decided to launch my YouTube series "Black History 365". I cover different topics in black history, just because. Recently, I have been covering the history of black caricatures. This month, we talked about the "coon" caricature. I was very interested in this caricature because it is considered the most offensive of all of them. Why? Well you'll have to watch and find out. 

Black Women Share Experiences With Casual Racism With #BlackWomenAtWork

Black women put up with so much bullshit. 

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