It's October, Which Means National Cultural Appropriation Day Is Right Around The Corner

It's fall time! Fall means, pumpkin spice which brings out white people, and then follows blackface at halloween. 

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Black History 365—History of a the "Coon" Caricature

I love reading and learning about history. Learning my history was one of the ways that I as a TRA was able to connect with my culture without being directly in or surrounded by it. Over the years I have developed a love for just looking up random bits of history which is when I decided to launch my YouTube series "Black History 365". I cover different topics in black history, just because. Recently, I have been covering the history of black caricatures. This month, we talked about the "coon" caricature. I was very interested in this caricature because it is considered the most offensive of all of them. Why? Well you'll have to watch and find out.