This 'Starbucks Incident' Isn’t New or Isolated

The Starbucks case may have been a wake up call for white people, but the racial profiling of black people is not new.

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10 Things That Are Far More Disrespectful To America Than Kneeling

Over the past week, racist whites and that circus peanut y'all call a president, have been losing their fragile minds over NFL and NBA players shutting up and minding their business. While they're writing their think pieces I have been over here thinking of all the actual disrespectful things going that have (or haven't) happened, in this country that we should be mad about. 

1. The fact that Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott doesn't have a Video Vanguard Award

giphy (3).gif

2. People who make burritos like this 

3. The fact that an "artisanal mayonnaise" store exists 


4. Columbus Day still being a thing

giphy (4).gif

5. Mississippi only abolishing slavery in 2013


6. The ending of "Lost"


7. Women's pants not having pockets 


8. Beyonce being robbed of Album of the Year for Lemonade 


9. Hot dogs being sold in packs of 8 but the buns in packs of 6.

tenor (1).gif

and finally...

10. Y'all really let a Cheeto puff be y'alls president