Do Transracial Adoptees Benefit From White Privilege?


As people of color, we obviously don't have white privilege, but I do wonder if we've been granted some passes, even if very small because of our proximity to whiteness by having white parents.

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Why Is Crunchbob Dolezal Still A Thing?

America values a white woman pretending to be black over actual black women, and apparently, so do the rest of y'all. 

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Being Transracial Is A Thing, But This Ain't It

Being transracial is a real thing, but white people pretending to Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, into black people is not it. 

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White People Are Jumping Brooms Now and What We Won't Be Doing, Is That

It has come to my attention that there are some white people who have decided to hijack yet another black tradition—jumping the broom.

Donna Meagle.gif

I won't be doing this with Y'all. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Here's the thing, not only are you hijacking black culture but your literally taking a tradition that exists in this country because YOU, white people, would not allow black people to be married. This tradition dates back to before America was invaded by white people. It originates out of Ghana. Jumping the broom was used to symbolize sweeping away past wrong and removing evil spirits. It survived forced assimilation and whitewashing and black people both during slavery, and today, continue to practice this tradition.

During slavery, black people were not legally allowed have their marriage or any form of a union recognized by the law. We were not even considered humans under the law. Yet through the bullshit, they somehow still found a way to happily leap over that broom while bearing the blood, sweat, and tears of slavery. African Americans today often continue the ceremony not only as a tradition but as a reminder that we were not always afforded the privilege to be married.

So no, John and Becky do not get to jump the broom. John and Becky have never had the right to be married taken away from them. They—you, white folks, didn't have to hide marriages, families torn apart and babies cut out of your stomach because of your skin color. You have always been allowed to live happily ever after and be afforded humanity. You do not get to swoop in and take something from us that exist because you stripped us of our humanity. This is why we get so pissed off about cultural appropriation. It's not about who "invented it" because there are a lot of cultures around the world that use brooms in wedding ceremonies. It's about the fact that you are blatantly taking something that is rooted in oppression, physical violence and the suffering of black people, and turning it into your favorite pastime. Of all the white wedding traditions that exist, why do you need to pull the one from black people rooted in deep oppression? Why don't appropriate some white European traditions? Put on a kilt and Riverdance or something, why Y'all ALWAYS gotta come fuck with brown people's shit? 

Go away, you're not welcome here.


Yes, My Family Is White—No, I Will Not Stop Calling Out White Bullshit

My white family doesn't stop be from being black. 

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So You're Transracially Adopting: A Reality Check For White Parents

A reality check from a transracial adoptee, for white parents adopting non white children. Love don't cut it. 

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