#TakeAKnee Is A Hijacking, Fraud Ass Movement and Y'all Can Keep It

Saying I'm tired of white America's outrage about black people sitting down and shutting up, would be an understatement. I am OVER IT and I'm exhausted. Just as we started to get focused on actual issues, y'alls circus peanut of a president decided to pick a fight with the NFL and NBA because Steph Curry didn't want to come play Clue at the White House with him. After yet another unintelligent tweet storm from said Cheeto puff during which insults we're thrown threats were made, a brand new movement that has been coined #TakeAKnee was born. 

I have never given two shits about the NFL or the NBA. Apart from not caring the sports in general, the organizations are literal trash and employ a vast majority of the shittiest men on the planet. Anyone who follows me also knows I've been rolling my eyes hard over the sudden outrage at the NFL because Kaepernick doesn't have a job. Before you start firing off your think pieces, let me clarify that I don't have a problem with Kaepernick. All he has ever done is mind is black ass business. I have a problem with all y'all fake ass bandwagon supporters and the narrative that has been created around his protest that wasn't even a big deal. The NFL/NBA has known abusers and rapist but that wasn't a problem for anyone. Everyone loved to ignore all the disgusting things going on in these organizations for all these decades, but all the sudden outrage and boycotts arise when one light skin man don't get a job?

Oh okay. 


This is similar to my problem to this fake ass #TakeAKnee movement. This movement is a fraud, fake deep, bandwagon movement. This movement was made in response to Trump, not in support of Kaepernick or for any of the things that Kaepernick was kneeling for in the first place. Where the hell all these big-name athletes, white people, coaches, police and team owners when Kaepernick was being dragged to hell? When Mike Brown was gunned down? When Sandra Bland was killed? When Kenneka Jenkins murder is still being covered up/ Where are y'all when Muslims are being targeted. When DACA recipients being targeted. Where was all this support when are protesting things that actually matter and not when it's about your paycheck? Where? WHERE?

Y'all were silent. In fact, many of the same people participating in #TakeAKnee are the same people who were calling Kaepernick all kinds of n-words. But now all the sudden, when Trump threatens your paychecks, you ready to take a knee. Nah, fam

Bye girl. 

As usual, you privileged twits hijacked a movement built on the back and pain of another black person and twisted to serve your own selfish purpose. You're not taking a knee for justice. You're not taking a knee against white supremacy, you're taking a knee against Trump coming for your million dollar contracts. By this time next week, you'll be back to being quiet and tweeting racial slurs from your fake twitter accounts. 

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