Things We Are Leaving In 2017

Things We Are Leaving In 2017

Well, everyone reading this, against all odds we made it to 2018. I honestly didn't think we would make it under Captain Cheeto's reign. Take a moment to celebrate making it this far.

We have narrowly escaped 2017 and are headed full force into a new year. Many of us have already made our "new year, new me" posts or confidently wrote down our new year's resolutions, that in reality won't make it past February, but we do them anyways purely because we need to feel organized before entering 2018. For me, I have many goals and visions in mind for myself and what I want to accomplish this year, and I am determined to make them happen. One of those goals includes a list of things that I will no longer be doing in the new year. More importantly, things, that we all should leave in 2017 because nobody has time to spend another year dealing with them. 

All Lives Matter

We're not doing this in 2018. Nope. Just stop it. We know "all"  lives matter but we ain't talking about everyone right now. There are people whose lives are not treated equally, thus why we have to have a separate conversation about BLACK lives mattering. Furthermore, this statement is so damn stupid because if you believed all lives mattered then you agree that BLACK lives matter, so what the fuck are you even arguing about? The truth is that you don't think black lives matter and you don't want to hear about black lives mattering so you come back with stupid slogans like "all lives matter" to attempt derailment of the conversations. Shut up and sit down. We will no longer be explaining this to you. You will just be left in the dust. 

Victim Blaming

Yet another form of derailing for the sake of not wanting to participate in the conversation. If you don't want to participate in making a change in society, great, but do so quietly. Blaming victims for really anything is utterly pointless and foolish. What do you accomplish? A victim by definition is "a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action" so how are they to blame for something happening to them?  Victim blaming is rooted in the belief that the victim deserved what happened to them. That's some fucked up thinking if you ask me. Whether it be a victim of sexual assault, racism, brutality, harassment or just a rude comment—they are victims and not to be blamed for other people's actions. Blame the persons who committed the act. A shocking concept, I know. 

Making Excuses for Police Brutality

NOPE! Not doing it. We don't care that your grandpappy was a cop. Your uncle, your mama. Don't care. That's not an excuse for police brutality. And yes we know "not all cops" but like all lives matter, we ain't talking about the good ones. Although I have some words for the "good ones" who never want to speak up when their fellow homeboys murder people, but that's a different blog for another day. Point is, stop making excuses. There are zero reasons for police brutality to be happening, especially at the rate is currently is and to one specific group of people. I don't wanna hear your "well they should have done this". No, you should shut your pie hole. 

Playing Devil's Advocate

Much like the previous point, we don't need someone to play devil's advocate. First of all, the devil can advocate for himself. Satan down in hell, lookin' at YOU crazy because ain't nobody asked you to speak on his behalf. It's yet another form of derailment. We don't need your obtuse opinions to spark a debate. Everything already is a debate, things that shouldn't even need to be debated, are being debated so save your extra-ness for the Reddit threads. 2018 doesn't have time. If the devil wants to say something, he can log onto Hell WiFi and ask it himself.

Pretending You Don't See Color

So what we most definitely won't be doing in 2018 is pretending y'all are colorblind. I have covered why being colorblind is completely a waste of everyone's time and contributes to racism, before. I suggest you read up on that if you are reading this and clutching your pearls. But the short version is that you unquestionably DO see color, even actual colorblind people see differences in skin tones, so stop pretending you don't notice different races exist. When you dismiss that race is a thing, you dismiss racism and the fact that we absolutely are different and are treated such. Furthermore, you demonize being different when in reality there is nothing bad about being a different race, so why would feel the need to erase it? 


Since 2018 started, the only thing that matters is the countdown to what is about to be the blackest movie of all time, Black Panther. As we are getting the blackest movie ever this year along with A Wrinkle In Time, which is also a huge milestone for black people in the film, I no longer want to see the whitewashing of anything. No more Matt Damon saving China, no more Scarlett Jo-however you spell her name, playing Asians. Nothing. Cast people of color in their due roles, or get the fuck out. my tolerance is at a -45 for whitewashing. There's no reason for it. There's no shortage of people of color on the planet. In fact, we outnumber Y'all. If you say one word about "casting for talent" I will kick you in the neck because these roles always go to mediocre white people who aren't doing anything a person of color can't. So pack up all your retorts and express ship them to Nobody Cares blvd. 

And there you have it. I'm kicking off this new year in good spirits and no time for shenanigans. This year will be a year of progress and in order to do that, I will not be wasting time re-explaining things that have been explained for hundreds of years. So here's to a new year. Happy 2018, everyone. 


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