Being Transracial Is A Thing, But This Ain't It

You know, I thought after Rachel Do-lollygag, that we would never have to address this false concept of "transracial" ever again. Unfortunately, 2017 said "bitch you thought" and has brought us, yet another bored and confused white girl looking for fame. This time, a 29-year old white woman who calls herself Martina Big, from Germany, claims that she was born white but is now the "proud owner of black skin, and identifies herself as a black woman".

I have so many things to say about how incorrect this is. We have already done this with Rachel Nozal, but this to me is worse. At least with Rachel, she just tried to pass as a black girl with them Con-Air crimped waves and a dollar store spray tan. This woman is in full blackface, with over-exaggerated body enhancements to fit some racist caricature of what she thinks black women look like. Now...I've only been black for 25 years—but I have never seen a black person living or dead, who looks like whatever it is she is going for. Physical enhancements aside, let's just address that fact that YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR RACE.


How many times do we need to address this? Race, skin color, ethnicity, heritage is literally defined by your bloodline. No "race" the social class is not biological, but ethnicity, your bloodline that determines which social class you fall under, sure the hell is. Even using the logic of race as a social class, you STILL would not qualify as black as you do not have a heritage that is African. If both of your parents are white from Scotland, you do not magically turn black. You're still a Scottish white girl. Furthermore, being black is not a "feeling". It's in our blood, it's in our lived experiences, it's in our heritage, culture and every aspect of our lives. You want to know what "feeling" black is like? It's feeling fear everytime you walk out the door that the police or some white person such as yourself with try to kill you. It's being followed in stores, it's being denied job opportunities for your skin color or hair texture. It's feeling that lighter paycheck because black people are not paid fair wages. It's feelings institutional racism from the day you're born. But that isn't what Rachel and the klan are feeling. They "feel" sassy and cool. They feel like they can join the fun parts of being black without the consequences and I'm here to tell you that you are incorrect.

Race isn't something we can just jump in and out of. You don't get to just float in and out of races like Nearly Headless Nick floats through walls. White girls being bored with being white does not mean they get to jump into blackness and "become black". You're still white Morgan-Sue. Playing dress up in tar and poisoning your body with enhancements you got done in a Dunkin Donuts in the Dominican Republic, does not make you black. How come this process never works in reverse? How come I can't be "trans-white"? How come I and every other POC on the planet can't just change our race to white and reap all the benefits of whiteness? 

Because it's bullshit. 


What bothers me even more than these stupid white girls, is the fact that now we ACTUAL transracial adoptees have our entire identities erase and we have to further fight for our legitimacy. I truly don't even care about these people anymore. It's so stupid that I can't even be mad. They're just here to make the press rounds and get a few dollars for an Education Connection college fund. But thanks to these white people, I have had to argue and explain to people more than ever before that the term "transracial" is real and existed before bored white people with internet access. As if TRAs didn't already have enough bullshit and erasure to deal with, now we gotta fight both sides—white people and people of color, because now everyone is on edge thanks to privileged white girls.