5 Ways To Participate in National Adoption Month Without Being Selfish

5 Ways To Participate in National Adoption Month Without Being Selfish

As some of you may know, National Adoption Month takes place every November, which is right around the corner. The purpose of this month is supposed to be to raise awareness of adoption and foster related issues. However, from my experience it seems to have turned into a month for adoptive parents to pat themselves on the back. This is not something that sits well with me as an adoptee. The way it’s commonly celebrated is why I don’t tend to care about it much. Everything seems to be focused on the parents, as a result, adoptees are silenced and left out of our own experiences. Now, I’m not saying you can’t celebrate your adoptee, but how about you ask them if they even want that first and include them in the planning process?

Not to worry though, I’m here to provide you with some different ways you can actually help flip the narrative and be less selfish this National Adoption Month.

Talk to Your Adoptee

Wild, I know, but we can actually communicate and do have thoughts and opinions. Why not talk to the actual person who is adopted and see how they would like to acknowledge this month? Come up with something as a family that y’all can do together every year.

Educate Yourself and Others

Whether you’re an adoptive parent or not, everyone should be trying to learn at least the basic of the adoption experience. Share information about adoption, read some books about adoption you’ve never read before. Challenge yourself to do more research on a specific topic you want to know more about. After you do that, share that information with family and friends. Even reposting a link on facebook, helps get the information out there.

Join A Local Event

See if there are any local events happening around your area your whole family can participate in. This website lists some Adoption Day events that happening around the United States. If you can’t find one near you, consider hosting one yourself or with a few friends for you local community.

Volunteer or Donate

Find an organization that is doing work in the adoption and foster community and see how you can contribute. Find ways to actively do work in the adoption community and if there is nothing local, you can always donate to a cause.

Highlight Adoptee Voices

Uplift and share the voices of those who are unheard in any situation. We’re talking about adoption and for some reason the key piece in the whole process, adoptee, are always the ones pushed to side and forgot about. Challenge yourself to highlight our voices and share our stories. Use your privileges and platforms to give those who don’t have one, a boost. You should be doing this more than one month out the year but, it’s a start at least.

Basically, just don’t be selfish this National Adoption Month. Try to put yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to raise awareness and get educated.


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