White Women Dating Black Men Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

White Women Dating Black Men Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Look, as much as white folks like to pretend that we live in a "post-racial" society—we don't. Yes, we have progressed and yes things are getting better, but at the end of the day we still live in an extremely racist society. Because of this, I and most every other person of color on earth is very skeptical about white women dating/fucking black men. Not just because they are white, but because y'all have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG history of using and fetishizing black men to satisfy your racist fantasies. You can save your think-piece about how "reverse racist" I am because I do not care, and facts are facts. Honestly, even I sometimes think that maybe people are overreacting or being dramatic about this whole thing, but then a news headline comes out about some little white girl calling her black boyfriend a nigger or blaming him for a robbery she did, and I'm just like—


Guess we was right. Now, no one is saying every single WW/BM interracial relationship is built on racism, but this happens so damn often that you're going to have to prove to me, you ain't a trifflin becky before I trust you. 


Lest we do not forget Emmett Till and the trifflin becky that had him murdered for no reason. Not familiar with him? Let me give you a quick summary. Emmett Till was a 14-year old black boy in Chicago in 1955 who was murdered for allegedly flirting with a white woman. I say allegedly because everyone on earth knew she was lying and then just earlier this year, this old bitch came out and admitted she lied. Not that killing a 14-year old (or anyone) for flirting was okay, but her lying about it, just made it worse. Becky lied about this incident and told her four male family members this negro was flirting with her. The men went to Emmett's uncle's house where he was staying kidnapped and tortured him. Tied him to the back of a truck and drove around, beat him and threw his body into the river. He was so badly tortured that when his body was found, his head was disfigured, and his one of his eyes were missing. That is the kind of evil shit white women do to black men. Mind you this wasn't hundreds of years ago, this was 1955.

Or how about The Scottsboro Boys? In 1931, nine black boys were accused of raping two lying ass white women. eight out of the nine were convicted with zero evidence and sentenced to death. 

Not recent enough for you? Well, you're in luck because white women haven't stopped being evil.

1985—The Central Park Five same shit, accused of rape by lying ass white women. 

1994— Susan Smith, claimed she had been carjacked by a black man who stole her kids but guess what? Turns out she rolled her car into Long Lake in S.C. herself, drowning her own children.

2007—Amanda Knox, murdered her roommate and blamed her black boss. Actually, he wasn't even the only black man accused of this. An innocent black man served 15 years in prison before she admitted she made it up. 

2010—Bethanny Storro, claimed a black man just walked up to her and tossed acid on her, disfiguring her face. Turns out, she lied. She threw it on herself as an attempted suicide. 

Babysitter Robs House & Blames Black Neighbor (2014)

White Woman Lies About Being Kidnapped & Raped By 3 Black Men  (2017)

I mean I can keep going, but I think you get the point. White women have a long history of being absolutely evil towards black men, and this doesn't even take into account those who date black men just to piss off their racist daddies or have an "I love big black c*ck" fantasy. Or like Lena Dunham making up a whole story about Odell Beckham Jr, body shaming her and calling her fat because he didn't look at her during the Met Gala. 

So yes, there is a reason we all side-eye WW/BM relationships. There is a reason why I do not give white women the benefit of the doubt. I'm not saying every interracial relationship is like this, but because of a very long history that hasn't ceased to exist, I am going to need you to prove yourself not a trifflin becky first. 


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