Why Is Crunchbob Dolezal Still A Thing?

Why Is Crunchbob Dolezal Still A Thing?

You know, I told myself I would never give this wench any more of my attention, after her first 3 ½ minutes of fame, yet here we are. this is also why I will never refer to her by her given name. She doesn't deserve that respect. Listen, I’m so tired of all these media companies continuing to give her face time and wasting their word counts and insulting my eyesight. WHY are we still talking about this person? Why is she still a thing? What is she doing other than being white?  I ignored her when she came out with that book no one read when she started a hair braiding business. I ignored her when she made a “coolest prince in the hood” campaign in response to the H&M debacle, and then kept all the money for herself. I would have happily continued to ignore her white bullshit for the rest of my life until it came to my attention that she now has a documentary on Netflix coming out in April. 


Now listen, I have not watched the trailer, I never will and I never will watch this “documentary”. I honestly would rather sit side-by-side with Satan and Taylor Swift at a KKK rally, instead of watching this film. But I just need to get one thing off my chest and then it’s back to paying dust to this ingrate.

Why is Tadpole Dolebopper getting a whole ass documentary but the real living and breathing black women like Monique and Wanda Sykes are still being low-balled or straight up not offered anything at all? I don’t care how much or little this white demon is getting, the fact that Netflix and every other company who has offered her deals, found money to give this trolling white woman when black women are struggling just to have basic shit like respect and just acknowledgments that we exist, is just further proof of her blatant whiteness. 


Netflix could literally just not. Whoever gave her that book deal, could just not. Give the hundreds of thousands of dollars you wasted on a white woman talking about her fake black experience to actual black women to speak on their actual experiences as real black women. We already heard her story and nobody cared the first time. No one is going to watch this except for a few hate-watchers and Raunchburger herself. This white demon is trollin black women and y’all let her. She knows full damn well she is white, she doesn’t think she’s “transracial” in the least bit. She is a professional troll and look how it has worked out for her? Perfectly—she saw an opportunity to make a few coins off-white foolishness and exploiting black experiences and it worked. The worst part is y’all are letting her cook—white, black and otherwise. I am dumbfounded at the number of people of color, I have seen come out and support her. America hates black women so much, that they will value a white woman pretending to be black before they do, actual black people. Not on my watch.

I just had to block a long time friend over this topic the other day, talm' bout “well she deserves to be heard”. No...she doesn’t.


Why does she deserve to be heard when the only reason her voice is valued is because it silences those of black women?  The fact that y’all still out here valuing her voice over actual black women, is disgusting and anti-black as shit. Also, it completely contradicts the entire claim of her idea of “transracial”, if you were truly a black  woman, no one would listen to you, no one would give a platform, you would be out here like Monique, fighting tooth and nail just get an ounce of basic respect while everyone, including black people, berate and humiliate you every chance they get. No, instead she’s being offered deals and opportunities around every corner, because SHE. IS. WHITE. 


As a black woman and transracial adoptee, she has not only mocked and invalidated my existence as a black woman but also completely trashed and vilified the term transracial to the point where adoptees can’t even use it anymore without being attacked. That term was created for US. So, fuck her voice and her whole life. I don’t give two shakes of a rat’s ass about her opinion, life, house, husband, dogs and/or cats, and fuck each and every one of y’all still supporting her. I'm treating her like I do Donald Trump. Anyone of y'all coming out to support her is an automatic block out my life. A vote for a white woman pretending to be black is a vote against black women's lives. And yes, this includes all y'all hate-watchers.  Hate watching is still supporting. Just because you click or watch with an intent to hate, doesn’t mean money ain’t still going into pockets, sis. Ain’t know damn "intent filter" on Netflix or any other platform filtering out the “hate” views so those views don’t count. Stop being idiots. Y’all complain about stupid people being famous, but you the ones who made them famous with all your hate watching and memes. See: Cash me outside girl or Tomato Lauren), but another read for another day

And to Rachel—it’s on sight for you ma’am, if I catch you in the streets, we boxing. Square up or shut the fuck up. 

If you wanna throw your money to someone...

...throw it to an actual black woman speaking on her actual black ass experiences and donate to me instead. 

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