Y'all Elected This Grapefruit, What Now?

Y'all Elected This Grapefruit, What Now?

We all watched in terror as Donald Trump won the presidency of the (Un)united States of America, last night. Not only did he win, but republicans took over the house and senate so everyone but cis straight white men are pretty much fucked. 

I'm not going to sit here and talk about how shitty this man is because we already know this, and plenty of other have already discussed this angle and what it means. So I just have a few thoughts of my own to share about this whole process and the aftermath. 

White people, this y'alls fault. 
This is your fault. point blank period. I know you're going to try and find a way to blame blacks and latinxs but hunny numbers don't lie. 

Not to mention you all are still the majority in this country, every black and brown person could go vote for Hillary and y'all still outweigh us. I only bring this up so that when you fix your fingers to write your think pieces on how this is all brown people's fault because voter turn out or whatever, you can swiftly go choke, because you know you wrong. 

White feminists...wyd

This why no one wants to fuck with y'all. Y'all have sat here for months, listening to this man support and proudly embrace sexual assault and rape of your own white women, not to mention women's health care that he simply don't give a fuck about and yet 66% of y'all still voted for him. 66% of y'all were just like "YEAH! Who needs rights!? Not us, and who cares bout them brown folks lol uwu" Fuck y'all forever. I already didn't like y'all but now you really proved how stupid your whole entire movement. You're not here for anyone, not even white people. Also, while we are on the subject of white feminism, stop parading around Susan Bitchass. Anthony, y'alls support of her and how you voted just proved everything she and yalls movement still stands for, exclusion and racism. And side note, 94% of black women voted for Hillary, so you can stop typing that retort you were starting. 

Shut up about 3rd party voters

They did not hand trump the presidency, Trump voters did. Hillary ran a shitty campaign from the get go. She didn't bother going to certain states because her own arrogance thought she just had it in the bag because "historically" they would vote democratic, well how did that work out? And you can shut up about Bernie too, his ass wasn't going to make it either. But back to the third party, there wasn't even voters to make a difference either way, and majority were for Gary Johnson, which actually would have taken votes FROM Trump, so y'all mindless whining about it handing him the presidency is false. They been ran simulations for every scenario and Hillary lost every time. This is no one's fault but y'all who voted for Trump and Hillary's shitty campaign. I also find it interesting that y'all who bitch about third party voting are using the same exact fear mongering and hate tactics Trump has used all throughout his campaign. How ironic. You don't get to guilt trip and harasses people into voting and then get mad when they vote for someone else who doesn't wish them dead on sight. Voting for lesser of two evils still gives you evil and no one needs to just "put up" with that. Y'all the ones who let Trump get here in the first place, but who you blaming bout that? 

I still don't believe Trump actually wants to be president. 

I really don't. I feel like he doesn't want the responsibility or that he even knows what being president truly means. I feel like he started this out as all fun and games, business strategy or whatever, and then people took it seriously and actually supported him and now he don't know how to get out. He didn't look happy at that victory speech, his family looked miserable. Everything he has said and done seems like a desperate cry for "stop voting for me" but white america was already too excited to be able to have racism and prejudice out in the open again. I don't know, I'm clinging on to the hope that he gives up before January and steps down. 

What do we do now? 

What's next? What do we do now? How do we organize to fix this shit that white people got us into? Or how do we organize to protect ourselves? I mean impeaching is an option but that leaves us with Pence, who is worse than Trump, so is that even an option? How do we get them both out of here? What do we need to do as underrepresented communities to protect ourselves since white people refuse to? I for one am 100% ready for Black Panther 2.0.

I honestly don't know what we are waiting on, it's been time to protect our communities. I was ready in 2012 with Treyvon. And we need to do more than march. Marching is honestly pointless in 2016. We have exposure, marching is for media, and we no longer have to beg for media attention, we can create it ourselves. So what is the next step past marching? People's actual lives are at risk, we can't live in fear until 2020. I see people tweeting and posting about how we have survived worse, but I for one am not trying to figure out how much pain and suffering I can endure. So what do we do? I'm all about action, do something not just talk about it. Talking is great up to a point, then we gotta put our words in to action. So I'm ready for planning. I'm not going to sit around and wait for White Amerikkka to start slavery and segregation again. 

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