Yes, Black People, We Can Appropriate Cultures Too

So earlier this week, debate on twitter started over this tweet.

The debated started because Native American people called her out on appropriating native culture. To any normal person with half an ounce of sense, this should be open and shut case. But apparently, we have to address the fact that black people can appropriate cultures too. This thread has blown up and posted all over the place with ashy hoteps claiming black people are above fault.    

Listen black people, from one black to another...I'm here to tell you that you are waaayyyy out your lane. Now I don't know who this girl is, frankly I don't give a shit. Bottom line is she ain't Native American, thus this is not her culture to prance around in. I'm also embarrassed at how many of you ingrates think Pocahontas wasn't a real person??? How you got magic history books that tell you Black people are Native Americans, but not one that tells you about Pocahontas??? 

miss j.gif

Anyways, black people are the first people to raise an uproar on appropriation. Y'all out here mad at everyone using anything that is even adjacent to blackness. Yet somehow you think it's okay to turn around and do THE SAME THING to other cultures? No, sis. Black people are not entitled to everyone else's cultures just because we are oppressed. We ain't the only people out here oppressed and struggling, girl.

There's a thing called horizontal oppression, and this is it. While POCs appropriating other minority group cultures, doesn't have the same power structure as white people, that doesn't mean it isn't also harmful. More importantly, it's just fucking rude and disrespectful. People's culture are not costumes. I don't care what history book you read that said black people breastfed mother earth and breathed life into the pyramids, but you are not Native American. You ain't anything else but black, so stay in your black ass lane. YES, we know there are Afro-indigenous people, but we ain't talking about them, are we? Don't all lives matter this discussion. Afro-indigenous people don't want your musty ass to be playing dress-up in headdresses and buying dream catchers from Forever 21 either. We are talking about non natives, black and otherwise.

Stay in your lane. I know we love to big up ourselves, black excellence, we create majority of all things popular in America, and that's great. Black people are all those things, but that doesn't mean we get to shit on other POCs and their cultures. Y'all need to humble yourselves, take it down a notch, enough to realize we ain't above criticism and fucking up.

Homegirl was wrong, y'all cosigning her are also wrong, please kindly return to your black ass lane.