Yes, My Family Is White—No, I Will Not Stop Calling Out White Bullshit

Yes, My Family Is White—No, I Will Not Stop Calling Out White Bullshit

I have never been quiet about being transracially adopted. It's something that is a part of you from such an early age, you don't really consider not talking about it. Even if I wanted to keep it on the low, it's hard to explain away why everyone in your family photos are white. Or why the lady who picks you up from school and track practice every day is white. Transracial adoption in this day and age is normal and there's nothing I need to be be ashamed of. That being said, I am also black. Also something I couldn't hide if I wanted to. I am Black and very proud of being black. Dark skinned, thick, 4c nappy ass haired black woman. The world treats me as such. I wasn't always able to be vocal or take pride in my blackness. I didn't understand it, I wasn't raised in or around it. I wasn't always validated in being black. I had to prove myself to both white people and black people. It wasn't until my college years, that I was finally able to explore my black identity, come into my self love and become proud of being a black women. Today, as you most likely know if you're reading this, I am very pro-black and vocal about social issues. Which includes speaking up about and against white supremacy. I have no issue calling out white people's bullshit, publicly and loudly. This causes many people of all colors, some of my own family members included, to confront me with the question of:

"How can you be so "mean" to white people if you're family is white?

Well folks, gather round, because I am here to give you an answer for myself and every other transracial adoptee on this planet. 

The answer is simple, your hurt white feelings are not more important than the injustices and lives being taken away from people of color.

As I have said in previous posts, we TRAs (transracial adoptees) are not white. We will never be white, we will never be treated as white, we will never never experience life as a white person. The world sees us as a person of color, because we are one. Those of us who have found the courage to speak up for ourselves are literally speaking up for our lives. We don't have the luxury of ignoring race like our white family members. While they're hiding in their white privilege, in a land where race isn't a big deal, we are getting stabbed on trains.

So no, I don't give a shit that a few white family members might get upset from "generalizing" white people. Hurt white feelings are not more important than my people being slaughtered. Furthermore, if an adoptee's family truly loved and gave a shit about them, they would be right there calling out white bullshit along side of them. Not cowering in the corner whining about "well not all white people".

My father and I had a falling out three years ago for this exact reason. He didn't like me being vocal about white people's bullshit and I said "Oh well". My dad responded by cutting me off and saying "let's see how far you get without my white help". I went on to graduate college in Boston, with honors, a president's award and moved to Los Angeles by myself to do what I love. 


I have never been an extremist who says things like "kill white people", but I do say shit like "white people get your fucking shit together". I do not, and shall not waste my time sugar coating my words with "some white people..." because y'all are too sensitive about being called out on your bullshit. my father is not the first, and surely will not be the last, fragile white person to be in my life. Friends, family, strangers will pull that "Not all white people" crap till the end of time, and I will continue to not give a fuck. 

While we are on the subject... 


Everyone on earth knows this, so if it don't apply to you keep it pushing, sis. If you're offended by whatever was said, it's probably because you're guilty of doing it. I, however, will continue to "generalize" white people because it IS ALL white people's responsibility to fix what you broke. No, you didn't own slaves, or colonize America in 1492 but your great grandpappys and ancestors did, and you still get to reap the benefits of that today in 2017.

You may not be the one out here stabbing people on trains or shooting up schools, but you as a white person in America and a fellow human (as y'all love to point out), are responsible for saying "Hey, this shit is fucked up", but most of you don't. The bystander effect is real in white folks. You love to tell everyone "you're not one of those white people" but sit back and do/say nothing when it's time to stand up for black lives, Muslims bans, building walls. The "good cops" never come out and say "hey what that cop did was completely fucked up and unacceptable". No, you let cops kill us. You let your racist uncles and nephews call black people niggers and hang nooses on campuses. You don't ever call that bullshit out. Let's not forget majority of white men and women voted for a circus peanut to be president. So yes, ALL white people are responsible for dismantling the system that was create for you to succeed at the expense of everyone else. If you, yes you white reader, are not going to have the balls to call out your own people, I will, and I am not going to be nice about it.

My family being white doesn't stop me from being black. That doesn't protect me from the horrors I, and other black people face in the country. You either get on board, or get out of my life. I have no need for people who are not down to fight against the injustices going on in this world. We see a new story every single day about a brown person being murdered, that person could be me. That could be my sister, my cousin, my brother, my 1 year old niece. Do you think we enjoy having to fight for basic human rights every damn day? Trust me, I would love nothing more than to shut up about racism and never have to worry about being killed every time I walk out of my house ever again. But I am not white, so I do not have that luxury, thus I will speak up until we don't have to anymore. For myself, for all other TRAs who can't and for all the other people of color who've had to die, fighting for the right to exist with brown skin.

So yes, my family is white, and no I will never, EVER stop calling out white people's bullshit. Anyone who has a problem with that can kiss my black ass. 

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