Some Things White People Can Do That People of Color Cannot

In my experience one of the biggest barriers we have when discussing racism with white folks today, is that because of their privilege, they do not really understand what racism looks like in 2019. There’s a reason why responses are always things like “I didn’t own slaves” or “racism was so long ago”. Most white people who “don’t get it” think that racism is equal to slavery. While slavery was used as a form of racism, that isn’t the only form racism comes in. It seems that, because white people don’t see us physically in pain or suffering, that they don’t think racism is a real factor anymore.

While racism started a simple act of “white are better than everyone else” it’s not that simple anymore. That concept was carefully implemented into society as a norm and has been festering for centuries to the point that that simple concept, has become a social standard ingrained into our societies. So I was trying to figure out a way to explain what racism looks like today, and I couldn’t find an easy way to explain it. But then while driving to work, I was thinking about this Ed Buck story where two dead black men have turned up at his house in two years and police are just like “oh maybe we should look into that after I’m done eating this sandwich…” and it got me thinking about allllllll the things white people can do without being questioned, while the rest of us would’ve be murdered.

And with that, I give you “Things white people can do, that people of color can’t do without being arrested and/or murdered (because those are pretty much the same things for us)”. Title pending.

Eating/opening Food In The Store Without Being accused of theft…even though it is literally theft.

As both a black person and someone who has worked many years in retail, seeing white people do this, pisses me off to no end. How much entitlement do you have that you just open whatever you want without buying it (which is literally theft), and it’s just assumed that you will pay for it? Meanwhile, people of color are stopped, harassed and even killed when we DON’T steal anything and even after we pay. If that ain’t a shining example of white privilege, I don’t know what is.

Talking back and/or assaulting police officers without being murdered.

I hope I don’t need explain to you the many many incidents of police brutality against black people that is still happening today. We’re getting murdered for sitting in our backyard. Meanwhile, white people can physically assaulted police officers and they just giggle and slap some handcuffs on like this is an SNL skit.

Being arrested alive and peacefully after murdering children and/or being a terrorist.

Yup, I’m going there. Somehow when white people (men specifically) finish shooting up schools or bombing a church, and get arrested, it’s peacefully. It’s amazing how police can calmly and reasonably arrest a terrorist who murdered a bunch of people but shoot a 12 year olds like Tamir Rice for having a bb gun.

The majority of EVERYTHING is catered to you. Books, movies, tv shows, stores, jobs, clothes, #MeToo, women’s march, feminism etc..

Never been a lack of representation for white people. Everything is made for and about white people, even non white things. And still, anything that is made for people of color, there are always white people crying that it’s not for them and using “reverse racism” to justify their flawed logic.

I know these might seem small to some or maybe don’t apply to you, but you can’t deny it is true. It is the thousands of small thing integrated into our social norms that cause racism today. It’s not just shackles and physical hate crimes, it is all the things implemented into our society to ensure mistreatment and setback for people who are not white. Think about the ways in which your privilege, white or otherwise has allowed you coast through life ahead of those who are disadvantaged. How are you using your privilege to help?

Nike Does Not Care About Black People

As I'm sure you've heard by now, earlier last week, Nike unveiled their new ad campaign partnership with Colin Kaepernick. If you remember, Kaepernick is the NFL player who started the #TakeAKnee movement and pissed off MAGA fans across the globe. So, naturally, when Nike released this partnership, MAGA fans had a full on white tear meltdown.

Burning their Nike products...

and even threatening to go to Converse instead...

...which is owned by Nike, but I'm not gonna be the one to break that news to them.

Basically, racist America has lost their shit. Amidst all this, of course, Nike is getting all this praise for "taking a stand" and "being on the right side of history", blah blah blah but I'm not so easily convinced. 

Nike isn't doing this because they actually care or support #TakeAKnee, they did this because they're a corporation that hops on whatever political wave is happening, to make money off it. It's no different than every business all the sudden having rainbow flags in the month of June and then the other 11 months, telling gay people they're not welcome here. Do you really believe that Nike, a corporation that uses child and slave labor, cares about the treatment of black people in America? I don't. If they did, then let us see them pull out of all the NFL deals, of they won't? Ok. How can you say you stand by someone fighting against the NFL while simultaneously making money off the NFL and all this controversy? 


I've also seen people say they took a risk by doing this. How? They're the official apparel sponsor of the NFL, they were going to have the support of the NFL and black America, regardless. They are the largest sports brand in the world, and all they did was essentially say "racism is bad", which is stating the obvious. Nothing at this point could actually hurt Nike except themselves. H&M the largest clothing brand in the world and they were racist and still, nothing happened to them. That controversy was like an annoying fly in the room that someone eventually kills and the day continues. Nike is the same. They are so far past the "boycotts will hurt us" stage.

Over the labor day weekend when racists were on their rampage, Nike's market cap lost 3.75 Billion dollars, and you know what happened? Not even 2 days later, it was right back where it was it because Nike is a 36.4 billion dollar company that grows 5-6% every year. So where is this great risk? They took an already famous person ran some cute ads and put a caption over his face. All they did was get support from the people who already supported Kaepernick and Nike, and hate from the people who already hated him. No grand movement was made here. 


Furthermore, what is Nike actually doing for the black community? What are they doing for the non-celebrities who are doing all the groundwork and are the ones being murdered every day? I don't Nike showing up at any Black Lives Matter protests or meetings. Have you? Only thing Nike is doing to providing y'all overpriced sneakers to wear when you're running from cops trying to kill you. They made a single donation to Kaepernick's foundation that no doubt is just a tax write off and ain't doing anything else. All this money y'all want to throw at them, is not coming back into the community. 

I was never buying Nike products anyway because if we're being honest, they're not even good, but I'm sure not about to start now just because black people are the new movement they decided to exploit. 


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