What is "transracial"

It means someone of one race adopted in to a family of another. Most commonly, people of color adopted by white families/parents.
No–it has nothing to do with being born the wrong race. Rachel Dole orange juice is full of shit.

What does *insert word here* mean/stand for

BM - Birth Mom
WW - White Women
BW - Black Women
WM - White Men
BM - Black Men
TRA - Transracial Adoptee
WAP - White Adoptive Parent
WOC - Women of Color
POC(s) - People of Color
Circus Peanut - Trump

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Something not covered? Google is free, love. 

Why don't you work on your grammar/Use proper english! 

Look here, this is a blog. This is not an APA cited research paper. It's a damn blog, created, regulated and starring ME, and only me. I will write/speak however the hell I want to. I speak in AAVE, I'm not code switching to make y'all white people feel comfortable.  Still pressed? You're free to click that "x" at the top of the screen.  Also, a friendly reminder that literally NO ONE speaks "proper English", not even you. 

“Murrrgagurrrr! Why do you hate white people?”

I don’t, calling white people out on their privilege and power is not “hate”. I am blunt, I ain't got time or patience to be nice about it y’all wasn’t nice about racism when you locked up as slaves, started segregation, took away our human rights, lynched us, threw us in jail --- all of which still happen TODAY. So I’m not going to go easy on y’all when calling out your bullshit. Besides I have 2 white dresses, how can I hate white people? If you prefer a more coddled approach, there are plenty of other black bloggers out there willing to hold your hand and give you cookies. I am not one of them. 

Was your adopted open or closed

My adoption was technically open. I think normally "open" adoption implies that the birth family stays in the child's life to some extent, but that didn't really happen. My mothers wrote for the first 1-2 years of my life and then lost contact. I later found out some shady shit that explained why, but my birth mother wasn't involved in my life.

Have you met your birth family/mother?

Yes, but not in person. I started the search in 2015 and was able to track down my birth mom via lots of googling and phone calls. She still lives in Texas with 4 kids. As of summer 2017, I have not met them in person, but I do plan to.

Do you have other adopted siblings?

Yes – I have 2 other adoptive siblings, we are not blood related. Additionally there are 18 adoptees in the extended family from Taiwan, Ethiopia, Haiti and the states. 

Does your family know about this?

Yup. In fact my mother is the one who encouraged me to start a blog. My mother and many other of my family members read my content regularly and are also using it to learn and grow.  

Do you think white people should adopted transraciallay?

Yes and no, depends on the person. I wrote about it.  Read all about it.