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Transracial Adoption
Training Workshops

5 Things I Wish My White Parents Understood About Growing Up Black

PACT Family Camp (West) 2017

I have created a workshops series that helps to educate adoptive parents on how to better prepare for raising children of color. We cover, the transracial experience, racism, privilege and making your home multicultural. Interested in booking the whole series or just specific workshops?

Give me a shout and we can work it out. 

Race/Culture Training Workshops


Breaking Down Barriers Workshop

South Puget Sound Community College 2012

In addition to Transracial Adoption education, I also teach many different workshops for all ages & races that discuss current issues and start a conversation on how to create a change.

Previous workshops have included: 

  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Breaking Down Stereotypes
  • How Stereotypes Effect Us
  • Colorism
  • White Privilege
  • Intersectionality

Guest Speaking

Want to me be on a panel or just come share my story or my work? I can also do that. I am able to find a way to help you and your organization. 

Sponsorship opportunities

Have a product/service you want sponsored? I have a large social media reach across platforms, in addition to a podcast. If you have a product/service that you think my audience might benefit from, lets talk and see if we can work together.  

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